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Our Price: $80.00

Product Code: KW5535

1996- 2007 with the 5.9
Symptoms : Transmission shifting in and out of gear or TC locking and unlocking under light to medium conditions between 40mph-60 mph. You can very often address many of the above symptoms by doing the following :

Look for any ground straps or electrical connections that may be loose or contaminated. Check battery terminals, look for bad chassis grounds, bad PCM connections , bad ECM connections.

This is a minor electrical glitch that is a pain in the butt and causes many transmission failures.

It can take a good 4- 5 hours to properly go over all the above I have mentioned.

In addition to the above we developed the DTT Noise Filter. We have been testing it for over a year in house and via our dealer base. It has addressed over 80% of the electrical noise we have encountered.

Here is what we found :

Testing has shown alternator noise spikes present in the TPS signal to the PCM. These noise spikes may be responsible for improper operation of the lockup circuit and/or the overdrive circuit. The more load on the alternator ( ie air conditioning , charging a low trailer battery etc.), the higher the amplitude of the spikes.

The main cause of this is the fact that Dodge has run the TPS harness wiring along with the alternator wires and noise is induced as a result. Testing has shown that the noise is not present in the TPS power supply from the PCM.

We were looking for an ecnomical filter system to try and address the electrical noise issues in these dodges. The DTT noise filter was a result of our testing.

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